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February 26, 2014


Dave Mustaine & Ricky Warwick Talk Tour Stories, Songwriting Inspiration

For the premiere of Fuse's newest digital series, Metalhead to Head, we got Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine and Thin Lizzy frontman Ricky Warwick in a room together. Then rolled cameras as they talked about whatever they wanted.

In part one of the episode—which you can watch above, with part two below—Mustaine and Warwick reminisce on the times their bands spent touring together in the '90s. Mustaine looks back on the moment in Antrim, Ireland, when his on-stage comments started a riot among the crowd. And Warwick—who was born in Northern Ireland himself—reveals how the turbulence in his home country affected his songwriting. 

Both videos contain entrancing music demonstrations from the two legends. Mustaine, who was the original lead guitarist of Metallica, admits to completely re-evaluating his guitar playing after leaving the band before forming Megadeth: "I went from playing guitar because I loved it, to playing guitar because I was pissed."

Check out part two of the episode (below) to hear Mustaine talk about Megadeth returning to the studio, to learn whether Warwick believes there will be an Almighty reunion and to see both men pick up their guitars and jam together.

Watch new episodes of Fuse's digital series Metalhead to Head every other Wednesday at 1PM ET right here on Fuse.tv.

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