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February 18, 2014


Watch Panic! at the Disco Read Miley Cyrus Quotes on Their Tour Bus

On stage and in videos like "Miss Jackson" and "This Is Gospel," Panic! at the Disco are the pop-punk scene's reigning drama queens. But offstage, Fuse found out the Las Vegas outfit is more like us than we imagined—they too get into heated discussions about Miley Cyrus.

Before the band tore up New York City's Roseland Ballroom earlier this month, we spent the day with PATD sans stage lights and costumes. We got an insider look at Brendon Urie & Co.'s tour bus, their soundcheck and heard the band's in-depth discussion about a hilarious Miley interview.

"Most amazing thing I read today: Miley Cyrus interview in W mag," Urie says before reading us some highlights and doing his best impersonation of the Bangerz star. "These are Miley's thoughts on water: 'I think water is like, a really important thing,'" Urie reads as the entire tour bus explodes into laughter. Watch the whole Fuse Follows above. 

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