February 3, 2014


Phillip Phillips Reveals Details on "Heavier, Darker" Sophomore Album

With a platinum-certified debut album and the biggest-selling digital single by an American Idol alumPhillip Phillips has proven himself to be one of the singing competition's biggest success stories. The Georgia-bred singer hopes to continue that with his sophomore LP, telling Fuse some album details before taking the stage at the Super Bowl XLVIII Pregame Show.

"It's very exciting, it's a little heavier," the 23-year-old says. "It's a little more rock. First album, I had a blend of the folk and rock. Now, I'm pushing a little more towards me." That's great news for two reasons: 1) The music will be awesome and 2) He probably won't go on record admitting that he's not a fan of his single.

The Broncos fan adds, "It's a little darker, but also some happy. Everybody wants to feel happy. It's well rounded."

Phillips says he'll continue sharpening his live performance chops and admitted that playing the stadium for Super Bowl XLVIII is intimidating. 

"It's nerve wracking," he says. "I usually pace around a lot and just pray not to screw up. I always end up messing up at some point. Sometimes they notice it—I notice it—sometimes people don't notice it, so that's good. I like to keep it raw. If you do mess up, that's what makes it real, that's what Paul McCartney said."

Watch the full interview above to find out what he's learned from touring with John Mayer and more.

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