February 13, 2014


Rob Fusari Opens Up About Multimillion Dollar Lady Gaga Lawsuit

UPDATE: Watch the full Rob Fusari interview above now.

Despite her hit single "Born This Way," Lady Gaga wasn't born as the Lady Gaga we all know and love. Then-teenage Stefani Germanotta took on the persona after linking up with producer Rob Fusari (Destiny's Child's "Bootylicious," Will Smith's "Wild Wild West) who says he transformed the singer into a superstar.

Their partnership turned romantic while crafting gems on Mother Monster's debut LP, The Fame—including Top 10 hit "Paparazzi," "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich," "Brown Eyes"—but the relationship went sour. Fusari filed a $30.5 million lawsuit, claiming to have been denied owed money from Gaga's earnings. Now, the GRAMMY-winning producer opens up to Fuse News host Georgie Okell about what went wrong.

"I think that as things progress and you get more successful that a lot of people come into the fold and it gets really sticky," Fusari, who today is known as 8bit of alt-electronic duo Cary Nokey, reflects. "I needed to not be on the train for a reason. It took me six years to understand that."

But after settling in mid 2010, is there a chance they'll reunite for more "Disco Heaven"? "There is not a relationship," he adds. "[The settlement] was a real parting ways. I’m a huge fan. I could still be a fan, but people say, 'Will you guys ever work together?' It was that time! It was just that moment in time."