February 26, 2014


Artist or Author: American Authors Get Quizzed by Fuse

Rising indie rock quartet American Authors recently dropped by Fuse to play a game of "Artist or Author," which asked the members to guess if a person's name belonged to a popular music act or a bestselling author. While the game initially seemed simple, the band quickly realized that the Top 20 Countdown crew wasn't about to go easy on them.

Veronica Roth, author of the Divergent series? Nailed it. Suzanne Collins, mastermind behind The Hunger Games? Nailed that one, too. (Bonus points for naming the book.)

But what about Ben Haggerty, Tim Bergling and William Leonard Roberts II? Don't be surprised if the answers aren't what you'd expect.

Watch the exclusive clip above, and don't miss Top 20 Countdown every Tuesday at 9/8C on Fuse.