March 12, 2014


50 Cent Says New Song "The Funeral" Brings Hip Hop Storytelling Back

As a newly-independent artist, 50 Cent is doing things 50's way. On new track "The Funeral"—off his upcoming fifth LP Animal Ambition—the multi-platinum MC tells Fuse he's bringing back aspects that inspired him to rap in the first place.

"When I fell in love with hip hop, there were different elements involved in the actual writing," he says of the track, that details a violence-ridden neighborhood, backstage SXSW 2014. "The storytelling process was really big at that point. It's almost gone because it's been replaced with riddles and little punchlines. So, for me to bring that element back is exciting." 

The accompanying video (below) follows suit showing heartbreaking scenes of a funeral and a slew of neighborhood crimes. "It feels like a short film when the actual video follows the narrative of the music," he adds.

Watch the full interview above for more on Animal Ambition and his outlook as a new indie artist. Then get even more 50 Cent tonight at 7/6c with Fuse@SXSW, our nightly report from Austin.
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