March 24, 2014


Would American Authors Rather Live Now or 100 Years in the Future?

While their hit single "Best Day of My Life" hits a new peak on the charts this week—No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100—Fuse asks American Authors whether they'd forgo their current success to see what life is like in 100 years in the latest episode of Hypothetically.

The NYC-based quartet almost unanimously agree they'd rather live now, but when bassist Dave Rublin wavers on the question, his bandmates shoot him a series of important reminders.

"You could be enslaved by aliens in 100 years, dude!" says drummer Matt Sanchez. But Rublin quips back, "They already walk amongst us, I'm not afraid."

Guitarist James Adam Shelley also reminds his bandmate that he's "halfway through so many videos games now. If you cut it to 100 years from now, it might not work!" But lead singer Zac Barnett does recognize, "You would have such dope video games 100 years from now."

Watch the full interview above to find out whether the "Trouble" singers would rather be the opening act or producer for their favorite artists, their theories on alien life and more answers to hypothetical questions.

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