March 21, 2014


JoJo Rates Austin Mahone, Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull's Style

As the king of collaborations, Pitbull on your single is almost a sure-fire method to get a hit: Just ask Christina Aguilera, Ne-Yo, Ke$ha, Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez or T-Pain. But how does the Miami rapper fare as a stylish companion? In the latest episode of Glam or Sham, we take a look at the Pitbull's recent music videos with Austin Mahone and Enrique Iglesias to gauge public opinion and get the thoughts of this week's special guest, the always stylin' R&B-pop diva JoJo. And, yes, Pitbull does watch Glam or Sham.

First, we have Mahone's "MMM Yeah" vid that showcases the teen star looking more mature than ever alongside Pitbull. One of our man-on-the-street guests says the singer's multicolored leather jacket "looks like a really bad Thriller jacket." But JoJo defends the diss saying, "If someone wears a leather jacket in music, it's like 'Oh! They're giving Michael Jackson.' I think it's just because no one put a stamp on a leather jacket like he did." Alongside Pitbull, one guest says, "They look like g-damn Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad."

Then there's Enrique's fleshy "I'm a Freak" vid. While it's a naked, twerk-heavy party, the Spanish hunk kept his video style casual. Someone we spoke with decides, "I like the not-trying-too-hard kind of thing" while our guest diva could only focus on his physical features: "His face is gorgeous. That's a specimen of a man," she gushed. Meanwhile, Pitbull's orange leather jacket/high-waisted pants combo didn't fare as well. "It's something my dad would wear," a guest says. JoJo adds, "If my man was wearing an orange leather jacket, I would be like 'Can you please not?'"

UPDATE: When one of our guests asked if Pitbull would be seeing the latest episode, host Katie Van Buren jokingly responded, "Yeah, Pitbull watches Glam or Sham." Turns out, the MC does:

Be careful what you say, Glam or Sham-ers!

In last week's poll, Jennifer Lopez's sexy-and-sensual outfit topped Lily Allen's whimsical raver look, snagging nearly 75 percent of the votes. Now, we want to know which singer wore Pitbull best in our new fashion face-off. Vote below until next week's episode!

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