March 15, 2014


Big Freedia: "New Album Drops as Soon as the TV Show Drops"

Big Freedia's taking Austin, TX by storm, performing at the Fader Showcase (getting the most likes on Fader's Instagram), the official SXSW Showcase, Fuse's own Fusebox showcase, the Dorito's Stage Showcase, the Hackathon Awards Ceremony, and as a SXSW Music Conference panelist on "The Non Conformists" -- and that's just in the last three days!

The Queen of Bounce found a few minutes in her crazy schedule to chat with Fuse News's Liz Walaszczyk about the upcoming second season of her Fuse reality show, Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce.

So what was season 1 like? 

"Season 1 was preparation, and it was an awesome turnout. I was very happy with the way that Fuse and World of Wonder [the production company] put the production together."

About those cameras constantly following her around...

"At the beginning it was something you had to get used to [but] after a while I really didn't remember that they were there. They were in the background and we were just doing our thing and they were, you know, just catching us in our moment...Letting them in my life helped inspire a lot or people around the world."

Can we get a sneak peek into season 2?

"It's going to be interesting! Some of the same characters, me and my whole team all of the dancers. I've added two more dancers to it, my stylist as well, a couple of new makeup artists that I've brought upon the show, a lot of good collaborations happening...You'll see some interesting people on season 2!"

And that new album?

"Summer of this year, the new album drop as soon as the TV show drops as well! So when you don't see me so much in the spotlight, I'm in the background making music."

Season 2 of Big Freedia: Queen on Bounce is coming to Fuse this June! Check out the channel finder to find Fuse in your area, and catch up with Big Freedia season 1 right here!