March 7, 2014


Billy Eichner Unveils New Season of 'Billy on the Street' in NYC

Excited fans filled New York's Beacon Theatre on Tuesday for the world premiere of the new season of Fuse and Funny or Die's hit pop culture game show Billy on the Street, starring Emmy-nominated host Billy Eichner.

Surprise guest (and self-proclaimed Billy super fan) Paul Rudd introduced Eichner saying, "every few years something comes along, somebody does something, so fresh and just so funny, it's hard not to become obsessed with it. That's the way I feel about his show." Rudd makes an appearance on the show this season, along with guest stars like Amy Poehler, Lindsay Lohan, Lena Dunham and more.

Backstage Eichner told Fuse's Katie Van Buren he was "nervous but excited" to debut the new episodes for the fans. If the audience's boisterous reaction to the first two episodes of Billy's new season is any indication, he has nothing to worry about. Prepare to laugh your ass off when the new season of Billy on the Street premieres this Wednesday, March 12 at 11/10C.

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