March 15, 2014


EDM Trio Cash Cash Explain Why All Three Members Don't Always Perform in Concert

Go to a concert for rising EDM trio Cash Cash and you might not see an actual trio. Backstage at SXSW 2014, the "Take Me Home" singers explain their band philosophy to Fuse News' Liz Walaszczyk.

"You don't need three people out there," says Jean Paul Makhlouf. "Usually me and Sam [Frisch] will go out and do a lot of the shows together. [Alex Makhlouf] will hang back in the studio and work on a remix or edit if we're doing a song at a time. Live, it's not really a problem."

But in the studio, the threesome's rowdy synergy produces hits. "Usually I want to kill this kid," jokes Jean Paul of his brother Alex. "I usually say for every broken chair or hole in the wall, we get a good remix or a banging song."

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