March 15, 2014


Deap Vally Take You Vintage Clothes Shopping in Austin

We already know the "bad-ass, crocheting bitches" of Deap Vally can rock the f-ck out and look incredible while doing so. During a break from SXSW 2014, the Los Angeles duo opened up their fashionista side taking Fuse for a shopping trip to Austin, TX vintage boutique Feathers.

Watch above as drummer Julie Edwards and guitarist-singer Lindsey Troy try on and model gems like a kimono-inspired blouse, multicolored poncho and '80s workout gear.

And take note hopeful rock chicks: Deap Vally also give insight to their fashion philosophy. Like, "Anything that would be worn in Married With Children is something we would wear" and "Shoulder pads are naturally occurring and should be left as is"—inspired from Edwards' disappointment that her cheetah-print dress has had its pads removed.

Watch the shopping excursion above and be sure to check out all of Fuse's SXSW coverage from Austin here along with the best moments of the festival so far.