March 31, 2014


Which Cartoon Would Fall Out Boy Choose to Live Inside?

Longtime Fall Out Boy fans will remember when the guys were turned into adorable Happy Tree Friends chipmunks in their 2007 music video for "The Carpal Tunnel of Love." In the latest episode of Hypothetically, we ask the Chicago rockers what cartoon they'd opt to live in now, seven years later. 

FOB drummer Andy Hurley opts for Batman: The Animated Series while guitarist Joe Trohman chooses the R. Crumb comic-turned-animated film Fritz the Cat "because it's such a sexy world." Meanwhile, bassist Pete Wentz chooses Teen Titans Go! "because I literally live in that world from the amount I watch it." It's not the first time he's declared his love for the Cartoon Network series.

Singer Patrick Stump takes a different route on the question, telling us why he would not live in the Ghostbusters world. "That is a sad place where all your loved ones die and there's the afterlife, but you put in them in this weird little prison," he explains.

Watch the full interview above to find out whether the Flappy Bird gamers would rather go on tour or make a record with their favorite artist—a topic Pete and Patrick completely disagree on—and more answers to hypothetical questions.

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