March 31, 2014


Afrojack Talks Debut Studio Album, Sting Collabo & 'Walking Dead'

Afrojack has an impressive resume. He's collaborated with some of the biggest names in hip hop. He's been involved in the music industry for over a decade, landing a spot on Pitbull's No. 1 single "Give Me Everything." But Afrojack has never released his own studio album, until now. At Ultra Music Festival this year, Fuse News sat down with the Dutch producer/DJ to discuss the long-awaited debut.

"It's the biggest project I've ever worked on in my life," Afrojack revealed. He's not being hyperbolic: the producer was able to get some pretty big names on his album, including legendary musician Sting.

“We wrote ‘Catch Tomorrow’ and after the song was finished we were like, ‘Oh my god, this is amazing. Who is going to sing this? It’s so different and it’s so deep! A friend of mine, one of the writers, he said, ‘What about Sting?’ And I was like, ‘Sure! You want me to call Bono, too? Or Oprah Winfrey?' And three months later I was in a studio in New York and an Englishman walked in and he said, ‘Hey Nick, how are you doing?’ There are no words. It’s Sting.”

The title of the record, Forget the World, is meant to inspire his fans. “You only have one life. Forget the rest of the world and focus on your own life,” he says. 

As for his own life, Afrojack tells Fuse his plans for the future: “I hope in five years I have three more albums, at least. And do some cameos on some TV shows… like maybe play a zombie on The Walking Dead. I hope I’m still as happy as I am now.” 

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