March 25, 2014


'Walking Dead' Star Emily Kinney Talks Singing Career

When Walking Dead star Emily Kinney isn't slaying zombies, she's writing ballads. Fuse News' Georgie Okell sat down with the television star at SXSW to talk all things zombies and songwriting.

Fans of the young actress should find her move toward music unsurprising: Kinney’s character on the show, Beth Greene, has started singing on the AMC series. “Between season 2 and 3, some producers and showrunner Glen Mazzara had seen me at a show, so they knew that I could sing," Kinney divulged. "I think they were looking for moments in the show where they could have quiet, more sensitive moments and not just zombies killing. I love that Beth sings!”

Host Okell points out that when Beth sings on the show, it's usually to help the other characters get through a tough time, which is somewhat reflective of Kinney’s personal music. “I tend to write more about relationships and my personal life. Beth sings songs that she has grown up with and that she has been exposed to. Tom Waits is one of her favorites. So we sing about different things but no matter what, I think that music is definitely a source of comfort in anyone's life.”

As for the future, The Walking Dead star says we can anticipate live shows in addition to new music. “I am re-releasing an EP I released in October," Kinney tells Fuse. "When I first released it, I was really busy with The Walking Dead, now I can really give it some attention. I have more music, too, that I wanted to share and make sure everyone got a chance to hear it.”

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