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March 5, 2014


Here's Why Linkin Park Felt Guilty Rooting for Jared Leto's Oscar Win

Two days after winning an Oscar, Jared Leto announced his band 30 Seconds to Mars will join Linkin Park for this summer's Carnivore Tour. Nice timing, right? Linkin's rapper/songwriter Mike Shinoda tells Fuse News' Georgie Okell he recognized the benefits of revealing a tour featuring a brand-new Academy Award winner.

"In rooting for Jared, I felt like I was rooting for myself because I knew the tour announcement was coming," Shinoda says. "I felt really guilty about that, I felt terrible. The thing that made it really worthwhile was that his speech was crazy good. When this guy got up there, I was so proud and knowing that's the kind of guy we're going out on the road with. The things you said were really nice, really beautiful. I'm stoked to get on the road."

But it wasn't just Oscar buzz that landed Leto and his 30STM bandmates a slot—it came from years of proving themselves on stage and to the fans.

"The best test for any band is to go see them live," the Linkin Park member added. "I've had the pleasure of knowing these guys for a long time and have not only seen them become world class as a live act, but [in] the amount of attention they pay to their music and to their fans."

Watch the interview above to find out how you can score tickets before they go on sale to the public.