March 3, 2014


fun.'s Jack Antonoff: "We Will Make a New fun. Album Soon"

Jack Antonoff is busy working on his new project Bleachers, but in a new interview he assures Fuse that he's also stashing away material for his primary band fun. "We will make a new fun. album soon, we’re just in the process of figuring that out," he tells us. "The fun. folder is slowly filling up with stuff."

With festival season on the horizon, he also talks about the dynamic of playing to massive crowds. "It’s just about killing it. You can do gimmicky stuff but I don’t think people really care," he says. "I think at festivals people are there for music."

He also discusses the award nominations and his LGBTQ organization. For more with Antonoff, check out this clip of his interview with Fuse News.