Jay Park on Lady Gaga Watching His K-Pop Set: "I'm Honored, But It's Weird"

In its second year at SXSW, the K-Pop Night Out showcase was already garnering attention with headliners like singer/rapper Jay Park and "Gangnam Style" video star HyunA. But stateside attention swelled when news hit that Lady Gaga was attending. The singer/rapper says he's not sure what inspired Mother Monster to stop by.

"I'm honored she came and watched," the Seattle native tells Fuse. "But that's weird. I have no idea why she came or if she enjoyed it. I don't know, you're going to have to ask her."

While Gaga may have been searching for possible opening acts—yesterday, the singer announced girl group Crayon Pop would open a string of ARTPOP tour dates—Jay says he didn't let any pressure get to him.

When I was performing, I wasn't like 'Oh Lady Gaga's here, oh no!' I forgot," he says. "I was just performing, I wanted to put on a good show for the fans. Everyone else is making a big deal about it, like, 'Why was Lady Gaga there? How did you feel when she was watching you?' I was honored that she watched me, but I didn't do the show for Lady Gaga."