March 14, 2014


J.Lo Flips the Script, Objectifies Men in "I Luh Ya PaPi" Video

"Why do men always objectify the women in every single video? Why can't we—for once—objectify the men?"

So goes one of the first lines heard in Jennifer Lopez's video for her new single, "I Luh Ya PaPi." In an opening skit, J.Lo sits with her gal pals as a director pitches lame video treatment ideas—a water park-themed vid, the first video ever shot in a zoo—until the ladies call him out. "If she was a dude they would have her up in a mansion with all these half-naked girls," says a J.Lo BFF.

The comments get the American Idol judge thinking and we're soon transported to her world where muscular male models are the video vixens. Buff dudes in tight underwear and Speedos twerk, wash Jenny's car, feed the girls fruit and generally just stand around looking hot while J.Lo sings along to her bouncy new single. Sound familiar?

While it's a playful take on many (male) hip hop and pop star vids, it has an important message. Why is it entertainment to have a woman sunbathing on a yacht when the same isn't true for men? Every music video has good-looking people in it, but why haven't we taken a moment to ask directors and artists why one sex continues to be on display? 

We got to give it up to Jenny for turning the tables to offer a little more gender equality in mainstream music...even if it's only for one video. To other pop divas planning their next vids: Maybe take a second look at who you've casted as your extras.

"I Luh Ya PaPi" is the lead single off Jennifer Lopez's upcoming 10th studio album, which she told a fansite is coming June 17. Previous collaborator RedOne ("On the Floor," "Dance Again") is said to be producing for the project. See the announcement below.