March 21, 2014


Justin Timberlake Searches NYC for Real-Life Couple in "Not a Bad Thing" Video

Justin Timberlake's new single "Not a Bad Thing" is already an epic love song, and now it has an incredibly romantic mystery tale to forever accompany it.

JT & Co. learned about a dude who publicly proposed to his girlfriend on the Long Island Rail Road while playing Timberlake's track. The pop star hired a documentary crew to set out to find the unknown couple no matter what it took.

In this video, the crew searches all around the New York area to discover the romantic duo. In the meantime, they interview different couples to get commentary on marriage proposals and overall thoughts on love. From one couple deciding they were "meant to be" to another's casually romantic proposal in bed, It's filled with heartwarming tales that never get too mushy-gushy for the skeptics. 

As for the original couple—spoiler alert!—the crew never ends up finding them. But we have a feeling after this vid racks up millions of views, they'll be found pretty quickly.

Watch the full music video/documentary at Ellen DeGeneres' site now!