March 19, 2014


How Regurgitation Artist Millie Brown Prepared for Lady Gaga's SXSW Show

After Lady Gaga's intimate set at SXSW 2014, everyone was talking about the unforgettable contribution of regurgitation artist Millie Brown. Fuse News' Brandi Cyrus sat down with the iconoclastic performance artist to learn how she prepares for her unusual art.

"I have to cleanse my stomach before I do it so all that comes out is pure colors," Brown explains. "I don't eat for two days coming up to the performance. I digest the dye one color at a time… I always go and find different kinds of food dyes and mix them to create different sort of colors."

As for how she consumes the dye, Brown tells Cyrus she uses soy milk. "I actually used to mix it with milk, but I became a vegan five years ago. Now the thought of whole milk makes me very sick."

Although Brown and Gaga worked together in 2009 on a video for the Monster Ball Tour, don't expect to see Brown collaborating with other pop stars after her moment with Mother Monster in Austin. "Gaga is the only person that I really wanted to collaborate with that way," Brown tells Fuse News. "She really understands performance art and we really respect each other as artists."

Watch the full interview above and head here for Gaga's interview with Fuse News' John Norris, where she gives her take on Brown's art. 

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