March 20, 2014


MC King Los Leaves Diddy's Label: "This is My Dr. Evil Moment"

Two years and two mixtapes later, King Los has announced his departure from Diddy's Bad Boy Records. He'll be the first to tell you it's bittersweet.

The rapper sat down with Fuse's Esteban Serrano to discuss his exit: "I'm a free agent. This is my Dr. Evil moment. I might just do some house shopping and see what's going on. A lot of realtors are calling already."

It was a natural progression for the rapper, but there's no bad blood between him and the hip hop mogul. "I definitely believe in the whole family thing, someone having your back beyond business," Los told Serrano. "I'm still close with Diddy... I have a lot of outlets I can still utilize even if I want to be independent."

The future is looking bright: Los will drop his tenth official mixtape, Zero Gravity II, next week. Next month he'll hit the road with Kid Ink and beyond that, he tells us, "I just wanna be a fat boy. Move to Miami, get all linen everything. Nah, ok, I won't get fat. I might move to Miami, but I won't get fat."