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March 27, 2014


Meat Loaf Recalls Meeting Elvis Presley at 'Rocky Horror' Musical

In the latest episode of Fuse's Backatcha, Meat Loaf tells the incredible tale of the time he met Elvis Presley in the '70s. If the idea of the Bat Out of Hell singer meeting the King of Rock isn't crazy enough, consider this: They met on the set of the live Rocky Horror Picture Show musical.

After telling Fuse how hanging out with the British Royal Family didn't faze him—he called them all by their first names, in fact—Meat Loaf recalls the one time he was actually starstruck.

"The only time I ever got that way—oh my god, I can't believe where I am!—was when I met Elvis and I couldn't talk to him," Meat Loaf says, remembering when Elvis checked out the pre-movie stage version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, where he played the motorcycle-riding Eddie.

"He came to see Rocky Horror and everyone else who had played Eddie over in England had tried to do an Elvis impersonation," Meat Loaf says. "That's what they said to me when we started doing it out in L.A., but I looked at them and go, 'Why would you want an Elvis impersonation? Why wouldn't you want Eddie to be his own human being?' They go, 'Well, okay,' and that's what Elvis talked to me about.

"He goes, 'Well, I hear everyone wants to do an Elvis impersonation [for Eddie] but you didn’t.' The one thing I did say to him was, 'No, because there's only one you and only one me.' That's all I said to him."

For other Throwback Thursday goodness, Meat Loaf looks back on his '70s fashion choices—from cowboy boots to vinyl jackets—and explains the meaning behind the iconic Bat Out of Hell album cover in the video above.

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