March 24, 2014


King Los Breaks Down 'Zero Gravity II' on 'The Mixdown'

In this installment of The Mixdown, Fuse's Esteban Serrano sits down with King Los to discuss his latest mixtape, Zero Gravity ll. The rapper begins the interview with a Mixdown-specific freestyle: "Mixdown / Watch how this sh-t gets split down / The middle, that’s symmetry / You said that word timidly / It didn’t have enough energy / But peaceful guys deserve serenity."

In the four years since the first Zero Gravity dropped, the rapper signed with Diddy's Bad Boy Records and subsequently parted ways with the label. Los explains that Zero Gravity ll, out now, is "all about coming full circle, revisiting that initial hunger. Zero Gravity is one of my dopest, most hungry and most confident tapes. I just want to go back to that place and find that kid who was that passionate. It’s a fan favorite and I cater to my fans."

Serrano and Los close out this episode by previewing three of the mixtape's tracks, the first of which is "Only Ni**a Left." It's a narrative rap that Los admits was a conscious decision. "I reiterated the genius and the dummy line. Have you ever heard the story of the genius and the dummy? Basically I was saying about how sometimes you have to dumb down to reach masses," Los says. "I said this four years ago and I’m saying it again now." 

The second is "Woke Up Like This," a sentiment Los identifies with on a philosophical level: "You have to imagine something, You have to have an idea or something before it can ever happen. Why not be absurd? Why not have such a vicious audacity about yourself that you feel you’re going to wake up in a palace? Why not?”

The last is "F*ck The Club," a track that has the rapper realizing the importance of appealing to female listeners. "I needed to expand the demographics and broaden the fan bases, just really pinpoint certain demographics like females because they are a necessity in business, period. And just not to be corny while you're doing it."