March 16, 2014


Mobb Deep Reflects on 'The Infamous' Album at SXSW

Fuse News's Liz Walaszczyk sat down with Havoc and Prodigy of Mobb Deep, at SXSW 2014, to talk about the group's next project: unearthing new tracks from their critically acclaimed album The Infamous for release next month. 

"It's the 20th anniversary of The Infamous album, so to celebrate that we’re putting out ten unreleased songs from The Infamous masters that we never put out there before,” Prodigy explained. "Usually when we make an album we make about 50 songs and then pick our favorite 15. It was all just sitting in the vault, waiting."

When asked about the impact that Mobb Deep has had in music, and the inspiration they have on other artists,  Prodigy says he had no idea they were making history decades ago. "We had high hopes but we didn’t know it was going to make a mark the way it did,” he says. "We didn't know it was going to affect people. On tour we see how the music affects the fans in the crowd."

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