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8 Musical Artifacts That We're Nostalgic For

From ghetto blasters to liner notes with actual lyrics, here are the aspects of music consumption you just can't get from Spotify streams and iTunes downloads

If you're a person, you've probably noticed the way you listen to music has changed. Nowadays, you can walk out the door with the ability to listen to any song in the history of ever. Hell, you can even have a robot decide what music you like. 

The downside of all of this: A lot of things we used to love about music have become obsolete. Here are the eight musical artifacts that we're ultra nostalgic for.

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8. Mixtapes

And we're not talking about when a rapper has three songs they don't have time to put on an album. 

Back in the day people used to make physical mixtapes by using a cassette to record the radio and hoping the DJ played good songs.

7. CD Towers

How better to assess a potential boyfriend than by taking a cursory glance at his music collection? 

Lots of Bjork? Maybe we'll get naked. Crazy Town? I'm leaving and calling the authorities.

6. Big Album Art on Vinyl Records

It was one of the only ways you could make physical contact with your idols. Now the only way is by stalking them until their lawyers send a cease and desist.

5. 5-Disc CD Changer

Five discs. Need we say more?

4. Record Players

These are actually making a comeback, but they're mostly used to show people how you appreciate music much more than they do. For awhile, if you had one of these and a needle broke you were out of luck, but now they hand them out as welcoming gifts in Williamsburg.

3. Ghetto Blasters

Remember strutting down the street, dropping one of these on a corner, popping open a fire hydrant and starting a dance party? No? Remember taking it to show choir practice? Yeah, us too.

2. Liner Notes With LYRICS!

Back in the day, you couldn't Google lyrics to figure out what Eddie Vedder was saying because Google was only a twinkle in a rich man’s eyes. Of course, now we've got lyric sites, but those are unreliable. Was Jay Z giving a "middle finger to the law" or a "little finger to the Lord"? We need liner notes!

1. A Portable CD Player

Music is precious, and what better way to remind us of that than with this delicate flower of a device? Even the smallest movement or slightest gust of wind could make the CD skip a beat. 

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