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14 People You'll See at Every Festival

From body painters to boob flashers to the Mud People, these are the characters that pop up everywhere from Coachella to Ultra

Festival season 2014 is officially upon us! SXSW just started, Warped Tour is just around the corner and we're a month away from the start of Coachella.

To get you in the festival mindset, we're running through the 14 types of people we can guarantee you'll meet at any music festival this summer. From body painters to boob flashers to Waldo himself, these are the characters who pop up everywhere from Ultra in Miami to Bonnaroo in Tennessee.

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14. Grown Men in Animal Pajamas!

13. People Who Need to Put More Clothes On...

and people who REALLY need to put more clothes on...

12. Hula Dancers

Is it a sport? Is it a dance? Who-la cares?

11. The Mud People...

join us!

10. Parents Trying to be "Cool"...

and kids too cool for school.

9. That Mostly Naked Guy Showing Off His "Moves"

8. White people dressed like Native Americans...

sort of...

7. Body Painters

Distant cousins of the mud people.

6. Dudes Who Just Wanna Mosh!

5. Boob Flashers

Look up more!

4. Those Who Can't Let the Raver Look Go

3. Zentai

Very distant cousin of the mud people.

2. Waldo

So that's where. But why?

1. And Inevitably...

that guy with a tall hat in the front row, blocking your view.

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