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15 Reasons Why You Love Punk Right Now

From milestone albums to a Descendents bobblehead, these are the reasons to get pumped for punk in 2014

With Warped Tour celebrating its 20th anniversary and acts like ParamoreRise AgainstFall Out Boy and the Gaslight Anthem all earning big sales numbers with recent releases, we're more proud of punk than than ever.

In the latest episode of Fuse's new digital series Listology, we list the 15 reasons to love punk RIGHT now. From the importance of Against Me!'s Transgender Dysphoria Blues LP to the possibility of new Brand New music, here are our top punk picks.

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15. Because Brand New Is Writing New Music?!

Yes, please, thank you.

14. Bad Religion Will (Hopefully) Release Their 17th Album in 2014!

13. Because Less Than Jake Finally Released Something Longer Than an EP

12. Sleater-Kinney Return After 7 Years

(But keep doing Portlandia, Carrie)

11. Because the Clash Are STILL the Only Band That Matters

10. Even When Punks Become Parents, They're Still Pretty Punk

9. Because The Wonder Years Made "The Greatest Generation"

8. Because Aggronautix's "Throbbleheads" Made a Milo from the Descendents Bobblehead

7. A Riot Grrrl Icon Got Her Due

6. Because Against Me!'s Transgender Dysphoria Blues Could Be the Most Important Punk Record in a Long Time

5. Because The Ramones and The Offspring Want You to Eat Them

4. Because We Are the In Crowd Could Be the Next Paramore

3. Rancid Will Release Their 8th Studio Album, Honor Is All We Know, in Early 2014

2. Because Warped Roadies Is Wilder Than Terry on Roadie Friday!

(Blatant Plug: Warped Roadies airs on Fuse!)

1. Because Anberlin, the Devil Wears Prada and Yellowcard are as Stoked as You to Go to Warped Tour 2014


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