March 17, 2014


Why LMFAO's Sky Blu Would Rather Be a Musical Hero Than a Billionaire

LMFAO might have boasted the line, "We gettin' money, don't be mad" on their breakout smash "Party Rock Anthem." But in the latest episode of Hypothetically, younger member Sky Blu says he'd rather be recognized for his musical contributions than for racking in billions.

"I want to be a national hero for bringing the world together through music and happiness," the "Salud" singer says when asked if he'd rather be a national hero or a billionaire.

"It's important for me to be somebody who's known for bringing that love, music and creativity to the world and helping inspire—that's truly what I want to do," he adds.

Watch the full interview above to find out what body part he would exchange with an animal, the first thing he'd do if he turned into a woman and other answers to hypothetical questions

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