March 16, 2014


Asher Roth: "I Had A 'Benjamin Button' Experience"

While Asher Roth hasn't been a household name for many since his "I Love College" days, the 28-year-old rapper has kept on trucking for the past few years. He's set to release Retro Hash, his sophomore LP, on April 22, and the Morrisville, PA-based songwriter was at SXSW 2014 to promote the new project. 

Fuse's very own Esteban Serrano caught up with Roth during his soundcheck at SXSW, where Roth was preparing to play his new album in its entirety for his set. While it's a risky move to introduce people to new music in a huge wave like that, Roth said he felt that the music is key to a good show–so even though folks may not know the songs, they could still vibe during the concert. 

Roth got deeper into his background when asked the simple question of whether his new genre-blending album could still be tagged as part of the "hip-hop" genre. "It's funny listening to people try to give it a genre. I did feel like there were rules for a while, like I had to appease certain cats," Roth said. "And then it got down to a point where I was like, 'I don't care, man.' We went from rocking sold out shows in Boston... and then I'm in Nashville, TN, and there's eight people there. I had kind of a 'Benjamin Button' experience. I had to learn as I went."

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