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March 20, 2014


Meet the Comedy Duo Who Made Your Favorite Beyonce Viral Video

Garlic Jackson Comedy, a collective of writers and comics that specialize in fast-paced sketch comedy, have a legitimate viral video on their hands. 

The New York City-based group aren't new to the game, as they've been posting videos on YouTube for at least a year, but their latest clip will certainly become their most-viewed. "Help! My Girlfriend Is Literally Dying" stars Sam Klemmer and Lauren Ireland in a tale that many of us are all too familiar with–being overcome with emotion while watching a Beyonce music video. The clip is nearing 300,000 views with only a couple days to gain traction, and it's already begun making the rounds on social media.

The duo stopped by Trending 10 to talk about their new video and how they've handled the reaction. Klemmer told T10 host Zuri Hall that his inspiration for the sketch came from "every girl that [he's] ever encountered going absolutely insane over Beyonce." This makes a lot of sense to us. We go insane over Beyonce quite often

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