April 30, 2014


Why 50 Cent Supports Miley Cyrus

In this Fuse News exclusive, 50 Cent tells us why he and Miley Cyrus are unlikely kindred spirits.

When Fuse host Esteban Serrano reminds Fiddy that he was the first rapper to put Justin Timberlake on a hip-hop record—2007's "Ayo Technology"—the Queens MC laments that the single wasn't well received in the rap world. 

"It's very rare that the audience doesn't want to put the artist in a box," 50 says. "The aggression that was in first material I created [2003's Get Rich or Die Tryin'], they didn't want me to leave it. Here, I'm making music and it was sexual. They say, 'No, I want it to be darker!' I don't know what they want."

And just like Miley needed to move on from her Disney image, Fiddy says he needed to show more than a tough-guy image. "You can't imagine what it's like to have limitations," he adds. "This is why I was a fan of the Miley Cyrus move. Yeah, it's crazy, crazy, absolutely crazy to see Hannah Montana do that. But it's not Hannah Montana anymore."

Watch the full interview for more on how the multi-platinum MC measures his success as an indie artist, his frustrations with former record label Interscope and more.

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