April 13, 2014


How AFI Bring 'Burials' to Life

It's no secret that pop-punk experts AFI feel their emotions deeply. Frontman Davey Havok stopped by for a chat with Jack Osbourne as Coachella this weekend, where he spoke about the band's new album Burials and how he channels the album's themes of panic and anxiety on stage. 

"I encounter [those feelings] on the regular basis as a human," he admits. "At the time of the creation of our record Burials, those themes and emotions were very present in my life, unfortunately. Before going on stage, it's more of a calm and a focus. A lot of those emotions are what we're creating on stage. Though it may be a bleak sentiment, the unification of people expressing that catharsis has a positive result at times."

This summer, the band are heading out on tour with their long-time buddies Linkin Park and 30 Seconds to Mars - but don't think it's going to be just a bunch of bros goofing off all the time. For Havok, he needs good company in order play good shows. "It's very important to have good friends with me on the road," he says. "It's a very isolating situation. To have that emotional support in those strange places is important."

The band are also soliciting videos from fans that will eventually form video for their song "A Deep Slow Panic. "[It's] an opportunity for fans to contribute to what we do," Havok says. Head over to the band's website for more details. 

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