April 17, 2014


Slash Recalls Inventing the Seven-Second Profanity Delay

In the latest episode of Fuse's digital series BackatchaGuns N' Roses legend Slash looks back at past tours, music videos and inspiring the invention of the seven-second delay, which radio and TV broadcasters use to censor profanities uttered during live events.

"We’re accepting an award for something and we were just really, really drunk. That was the beginning of the seven second rule," he explained. "You know, for swearing? The seven second delay? We started it. Every other word was 'f**k this' and 'f**king that.'"

The FCC has a lot to owe to the band.

The guitar god also discusses "It's So Easy," a rare GNR clip. "That's a video that actually never got released. 'It's So Easy,' I think you can find it online or something. That was the first time we ever played in a small club... right around the time we opened for the Stones. It was during that transition period where we started to get big."

Eventually Slash would retire from Guns N' Roses, but his affinity for iconic music videos would not. His video for "Beautiful Dangerous" has the musician in some pretty hot and heavy scenes with Black Eyed Peas' Fergie. "The video concept was actually Fergie's idea. All things considered it was a hell of a lot of fun to do. It was great! I didn't have a better idea, I'll tell you that much."

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