April 16, 2014


Watch the 79-Year-Old Dancer Simon Cowell Gave a Standing Ovation

Meet Paddy Jones, a former dancer who put her career on hold to get married and raise her four kids. After her husband passed away, the 79-year-old (who turns 80 in three months) joined a Spanish dance academy run by Nico Espinosa and, well, got her groove back. 

During her audition on Britain's Got Talent, her jaw-dropping salsa dance with Espinosa got us thinking she's the Susan Boyle of dance.

Notoriously skeptical Simon Cowell was quick to write off Paddy, yawning at the start of her performance. But once the music picked up, Nico spun, twirled and flipped the senior citizen in death-defying moves that dancers a third of her age would have difficulty—and fear—to successfully pull off.

You have to watch the mind-blowing routine above. Then share it with someone you love because you know this will bring a smile to their face.