April 14, 2014


Which Animal Species Is Charli XCX Dying to Speak With?

As evidenced by her writing Icona Pop's ubiquitous smash single "I Love It," Charli XCX certainly knows how to get a hook insideyour head. But in the latest episode of Fuse's Hypothetically series, the "Boom Clap" singer tells Fuse she'd love to get to get inside a feline brain.

"I'd like to communicate with cats of all sizes, I think that'd be really cool," Charli says. And what kind of cats you ask? "Probably lions at the top, then snow leopards."

While the singer loves the kitties, she's not quite as enthusiastic about dogs.

When we hit her with the hypothetical question, "Would you rather be a famous pornstar or make a decent living putting down dogs?" she chose the latter. "I'm not a dog hater, I actually love dogs" she said of her honest remark. "I never really grew up with dogs. I'm not obsessed with dogs, so I could put a few down." Before adding with a laugh, "That sounded really bad!"

Watch the full interview above for more hypothetically questions and check out what Charli had to say about her new "punk-inspired" album when we caught up with her at SXSW last month.

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