April 13, 2014


Bombay Bicycle Club Go Bollywood at Coachella, Sort Of

Fuse's Jack Osbourne caught up with a half of Bombay Bicycle Club, drummer Suren de Saram and bassist Ed Nash, at Coachella where the indie band performed there Saturday afternoon at the Mojave tent. 

The Brit men talked all things English like the original Bombay Bicycle Club chain of Indian restaurants, which is where they got the name for their band, and more importantly their new album So Long, See You Tomorrow released earlier this year.

Osborne notes the progression the band has taken with their music including the variations from album to album. Their latest release is a stark difference from their earlier rock and acoustic LPs. 

Nash says on So Long, See You Tomorrow the band was inspired by a trip to India and decided to include Bollywood music, Indian classical, and sampling electronics.

"It's quite poppy and dancey," Nash says. "There’s some hooks there. Hopefully people will dance at our shows, because previously people used to come to our shows and punch each other in the face, which is kind of horrible to watch."

Nash also touched on the video for the single "Feel," which was "100 percent" a Bollywood production. 

"Me and Jack were sitting in this Indian restaurant in Sydney, and we were watching Indian music television and it’s the most insane thing I've ever seen. And we thought we have to do this but it has to be authentic."

Meaning, there was no way the guys would even attempt at being in the video and trying out Bollywood choregrapy.

"We were thinking of doing cameos in it, but that would have ruined it...us coming in and doing terrible dance moves."

Watch the interview above. 

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