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April 12, 2014


MS MR Discuss Playing Coachella for the First Time

You never forget your first time... especially when it's on the main stage.

Electronic pop duo MS MR, project of Lizzy Plapinger and Max Hershenow, sat down with Fuse's Jack Osbourne to chat about their first ever Coachella.

"We're very excited and nervous because we're human," Plapinger jokes. "We're on the verge of peaking with excitement and nervousness at all times. I think that's a good sign. If you're comfortable, where's your fight?"

She has a point. Though the band has played festivals in the past, getting asked to play Coachella is an honor—and getting asked to play the main stage is out of the ordinary.

"We've always wanted to play Coachella and now we're here," the singer continued. "When they told us we were playing we thought it was going to be one of the side stages. When they said 'main stage' we thought 'surely this is a mistake.' That can't be real. I think we're pinching ourselves and are appreciative but also nervous."

For Hershenow, it's more about not messing up—and not repeating last year's Glastonbury festival.

"We played Glastonbury last year. We played two days in a row. After the first day I went out and partied really hard, probably harder than I ever have before. The next day we were playing the John Peel stage which is a big statement," he said. "I woke up sicker than I've ever been. I couldn't stop throwing up and I curled up on the bed. Lizzy was like 'Should I touch you? Should I get you something? I don't know what to do.' Then we go backstage and fifteen minutes before we go on to a crowd of literally ten thousand, I'm curled up in the corner of the trailer with the duvet that I've stolen from the hotel. Our tour manager walks up and says 'So Prince Harry is in the audience, I hope that's cool.'" Eep!

Fuse is on the ground at Coachella all weekend. Stay up to date with our latest coverage here.