April 12, 2014


Preatures Talk Touring, Making It In America

Sydney's Preatures are in an interesting place. Earlier this year they won Best Music Video at Australia's Rolling Stone awards for "Is This How You Feel?" and are slowly building momentum outside their native country. In this Fuse exclusive, Jack Osbourne sits down with the band at Coachella to get a sense of what makes them tick.

When asked what they sound like the band jokes, "Crunk rock, dub step. Trout rock. It's like krautrock but fishier. Nah, we're a rock and roll band, now." It's part of their personality. They're a fun '70s pop rock, in it for the good time.

Singer Isabella Manfredi's dad is a chef, something that makes touring life less than pleasureable.

"It's not so much finding the finest cuisine, it's about not being able to cook for yourself. I think that's weirdest thing about touring. You don't think about how much traveling, and the actual lifestyle when you start making music. 'I'm going to make music. I'm going to do this thing that I love and when I get successful at it will be great.' But you don't think 'Oh I'm going to spend all day on a plane.' Or 'Oh I'm going to be in hotels every night.'" 

She's grateful. "We're humans. We craved the extraordinary when we have the ordinary and when have the extraordinary we want the mundane. For me, if I have a good coffee, that's all I care about. If I have a good coffee, then the day is good."

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