April 18, 2014


Cody Simpson Rates Ellie Goulding & Zedd's EDM Video Fashion

For a film people are calling the new Hunger Games, you knew Divergent was going to have a banging soundtrack. The move snagged EDM staples Ellie Goulding and Zedd for the compilation and, lucky for us, both dropped gorgeous new videos filled with fun fashion finds. In the latest Glam or Sham, we pluck a look out from each vid and find out what Australian pop hunk Cody Simpson (as well as people on the street) thought about them.

Goulding kept things relatively simple in her video for "Beating Heart," donning a black slip dress and tousled locks, but paired with edgy (fake!) tattoos on her chest and back. Our special guest Cody says, "I think she's glam here. I like the beachy hair and the dress," but adds, "I usually don't like seeing tattoos on girls to be honest, that's probably the one thing I'm not a fan of." (Hear that, Gigi?) One of our man-on-the-street guests says, "I think tattoos add some flavor to the girl... as long as it's not a tramp stamp." Point taken.

Meanwhile, Zedd is known for enlisting gorgeous female vocalists for his dance smashes. First it was Foxes on "Clarity," then Hayley Williams on "Stay the Night" and now he's got Swedish newcomer Miriam Bryant belting on his Divergent contribution "Find You" in a slinky white ensemble. Simpson digs it, saying. "I love when girls wear all white, it's definitely attractive." Another guest decides, "It's still classy, but leaves something to the imagination."

In our last Glam or Sham poll, thousands of you decided Rita Ora's video style beat out Shakira. But did Ellie or Miriam bring the better style game for these battling EDM vids? 

Which EDM Babe Had the Better Video Style?

Ellie Goulding in "Beating Heart"
Miriam Bryant in Zedd's "Find You"
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