April 15, 2014


Look Inside Armin's Theatrical World Tour

Dutch DJ Armin Van Buuren kicked off his U.S. tour at Madison Square Garden last week, performing for an astounding five hours straight.

“I don’t like to brag but I don’t think there’s any other DJ doing a show like this, playing for six hours as the only DJ on the show," Armin explained. He's not wrong: productions of this length are uncommon. It's not only exhausting for the performer, but for the crowd as well. "With Armin Only [Intense Tour] there will be moments where the crowd is not with their hands in the air which is uncomfortable for some DJs.”

The length of Armin’s performances isn’t the only thing out of the ordinary. Unlike other DJs, he incorporates unusual stage dramatics.

“We bring theater elements, not only vocalists but a full band, trampoline artists, violin players, everything. We try to bring entertainment in a broad genre, but still being a freestyle DJ set.”

The production is no easy feat, but Armin is meticulous. "I’m in full control. I’m trying to make a night for myself and find a middle row that also the crowd likes. It’s an experiment." Attendees are in good hands.

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