April 25, 2014


Future Talks Fashion & Collaborating With Kanye West, Pharrell

In this Fuse News exclusive, Future sits down with host Georgie Okell and shares a bit more than just his writing process.

His sophomore LP, Honest, dropped earlier this week and has the rapper at his, well, most honest. "I'm totally vulnerable when it comes to music. When I'm having a normal conversation, like in interviews, sometimes I want to open up about certain things. I want to grow with the fans. I want the fans to grow with me."

Future is known for his collaborations. While plentiful, they all happened organically. "The Kanye West song I was wrapping up the album and I ended up sending four songs, and I sent that one back." 

"Move That Dope" is the obvious hit on the album, but the rapper divulged that his relationship with Pharrell goes much deeper.

"At the beginning of my album I was working with him. I worked on probably like seven, eight songs with him and none of them made the album," the rapper explained. "They some great records... remember I told you."

When asked if we'll ever hear them Future simply said, "Yeah, of course."

He also recalled performing on stage at Coachella with OutKast, a once in a lifetime moment for the rising star. "That show was dope. It was like being a kid and you grow up and you're with your favorite group. They're my favorite group of all time. To be gracing the stage with them, it was a classic moment."

As for Future's future, he has his eyes set on the fashion industry. "Now is about the fashion. It's coming along great."

We can't wait!

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