April 23, 2014


Jason Derulo Discusses Recording Spanish-Language Version of “Talk Dirty”

In this Fuse News exclusive, Jason Derulo sits down with host Esteban Serrano to discuss his upcoming album and newfound success.

“It’s truly been incredible, man! Honestly, I worked really hard. It’s been dope because everybody has their different favorites which is a good sign that the album was very well spread out,” Derulo says. “This time around I was making an album because I needed to make music. I went through a crazy injury and fractured my C2 vertebrae and I was down and out. I needed it for my own sanity.”

That doesn’t mean Derulo was playing it safe. “We took a lot of risks. You hear 'Talk Dirty' and it just sticks out because who uses a saxophone in 2014?”

The conversation then gets intimate, the singer opening up about girlfriend Jordin Sparks. “I write music based on who I am and what’s going on in my life. There’s a very romantic part of the album so you can kind of get a little inside to our relationship on wax. Not because I necessarily want to tell people, it’s just that it’s one of the musts of the art.”

Derulo has also recorded a Spanish-language version of his hit “Talk Dirty,” joking, “I failed Spanish in high school so I was so happy to get another shot! I had a Spanish friend help me out and translate it for me. We spent a little bit of time in the studio making sure the words and the pronunciation was correct. Hopefully, you know, my Spanish fans dig it.”

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