Kelis Talks Pregnancy, Motherhood, Recording 'Food' & Cooking

Kelis Talks Pregnancy, Motherhood, Recording 'Food' & Cooking

In this Fuse News exclusive, R&B singer Kelis discusses the power of pregnancy, being a mom and working with TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek on her new album Food.

“I feel like with a lot of women who were pregnant, it’s usually my favorite album of theirs, which I don’t realize until after," the singer states. "I mean, you’re literally full of life.”

It’s given her new found a confidence. “I’m generally comfortable in my own skin and I really do love being a mother. I think it comes across in the writing because you can’t really ignore it, you know?”

There are consistencies, though. “My writing process is always the same. I want to write songs that obviously speak to who I am,” the singer explains. “Hopefully people can somehow relate to.”

Her sound has evolved, thanks in large to her work with indie rock producer Dave Sitek.

“When we first met, I felt like he saw himself in the music the way I see myself in music. I appreciated that about him. I felt like we spoke the same language. He loves to cook, he loves to eat good food. We recorded in his house, too. We would write a little, cook a little, listen, write some more, cook some more. It was the way that it should be. Everything just came very naturally.”