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April 1, 2014


Watch MKTO Get Pranked on 'Fuse News' for April Fools' Day

Anything can happen on April Fools' Day.

In this Fuse News exclusive, host Esteban Serrano keeps his cool while asking L.A. pop duo MKTO a series of intentionally uncomfortable, misguided questions.

He mistakes a collaboration with Ne-Yo for Nelly, asks the band for their feelings on a nonexistent beef between Lorde and Jay Z, wonders what it was like touring with Fall Out Boy, asks if one of them is dating Ariana Grande… all of which is inaccurate information. 

When they cut to commercial, Serrano storms off, leaving MKTO in an awkward situation—which they think is on live TV—that you have to watch to believe.

“This is what happens when you drop an album on April 1," Serrano jokes.

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