April 2, 2014


Nick Cannon Snuck Into the GRAMMYs in Whiteface

UPDATE: Watch the full Nick Cannon interview above now!

Last week Nick Cannon revealed his first album in eleven years, White People Party Music, would drop on April Fools' Day. The announcement followed the creation of his controversial alter ego Connor Smallnut, which has Cannon donning whiteface.

In this Fuse News exclusive, host Esteban Serrano asked the musician about his Smallnut persona and gets to the bottom of what makes White People Party Music.

“White people party music is actually a compliment," Cannon explains, "because don’t nobody party like white people! They know how to get it in.”

He's knows it's not all fun and games—and anticipated public backlash.

“I knew it was going to stir up something. As a comedian, as an artist, I thrive on making people uncomfortable.That’s originally why I did it. I don’t do this type of stuff with any malicious intent. It comes from a place of comedy, satire to the fullest.”

Connor Smallnut first makes his appearance via instagram, riding in the back of a car. His destination might surprise you.

"This whole Smallnut thing.... I’m actually making a film about it," Cannon says. "It’s a mockumentary in a very Spinal Tap type of way. I’m a huge Spinal Tap fan," Cannon explained. "Connor Smallnut was on the way to the GRAMMYs! I went to the GRAMMYs as Connor Smallnut and snuck into the GRAMMYs so it’s a whole bunch of footage. This is only the tip of the iceberg baby. It gets deep."

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