April 22, 2014


RZA: "I Want Raekwon To Be a Part of the New Wu-Tang Clan Album"

In this Fuse News exclusive, RZA sits down with host Esteban Serrano to discuss the upcoming Wu-Tang album, working in film and the tension between him and Raekwon.

“It’s our 20th anniversary and I thought what better way to celebrate than with an album we give our fans and maybe close our chapter that way," the rapper told Fuse. "I thought of the title A Better Tomorrow because I thought the world could use a better tomorrow. I have a big family of people struggling so I know that people are becoming un-optimistic about what the future holds."

RZA has mentioned before that Raekwon will not be featured on the new album, but he sincerely wishes to see that change. "I hope that he does become a part of this. If he don’t become a part of this… I want him to become a part of this. Like I told Raekwon, he has a magic voice. When he raps, it sounds like a record immediately."

The legendary rapper also discussed his latest film, Brick Mansions. "It’s based on Detroit in the future where the Government has really isolated the poor people and they built this big wall around the ghetto neighborhoods. My character, Alexander, becomes like a warlord of this 'brick mansion.' Paul Walker plays a character named Damien who plays a decorated cop. It’s a terrible loss that he’s not here. He’s a wonderful man, a unique individual."

It's an experience RZA doesn't take lightly. "I’ve had a chance to spend a lot of time with great minds. Russell Crowe plays guitar better than me, he’s been playing for years. He actually gave me a special guitar… and inspired me to play more songs on the guitar. I usually write on a keyboard or a beat machine. There’s a song I did called 'The Baddest Man Alive with the Black Keys. If I didn’t have the guitar now I never would’ve written a song like that. Being in Hollywood is helpful for me, it’s given me another perspective on creativity."

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