April 28, 2014


Which Artists Are Hot Chelle Rae Dying to Party With?

In Hot Chelle Rae's breakout hit "Tonight Tonight," the pop-rock band sing, "We're goin' at it tonight, tonight! / There's a party on the rooftop / Top of the world tonight!" on its addictive chorus. In the latest episode of Hypothetically, we ask the trio which celebrity they'd select—dead or alive—to have the best party ever.

"I would party with Freddie Mercury," says singer Ryan Follese. "Because I saw pictures of those parties he went to in the '80s in all of his biographies. It was him chilling with Michael JacksonPaul McCartney might just be there, crazy people just showing up."

Guitarist Nash Overstreet also picks a rock 'n' roll legend. "I would go more of the Prince route," the Nashville native says. "I think I could keep up with the drinking and the smoking, whatever... I'm going to have a good story after this."

But drummer Jamie Follese chooses the music world's richest couple. "I would choose Jay Z and Beyonce just because you know they have the coolest life there is." He imagines a conversation with the "On the Run" tour pair, going something like, "'Maybe we'll go to the Nets game because we own them! Or maybe we'll go to the club that we own or drink some of this liquor we own!"

Watch the full interview to learn more about HCR including Ryan speaking about spending time in jail. 

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