Kate Nash & Her Giant Pink Vagina at Coachella

In a hot pink, gypsy-like, space outfit, Kate Nash (sporting a pink bob) performed Friday evening at Coachella’s Gobi tent with, what else, a pink vagina as a backdrop. 

“It was kind of a pink extravaganza”  the British singer/songwriter tells Fuse a day after her  “campy” set. “I had an outfit especially made for it.” 

As far as the vagina artwork was concerned, Nash says she wanted to create a womanly-inspired show, which included everyone in her band wearing pink. 

“I made sculptures with my lighting girl. We made a giant pink vagina and a heart, and like weird artistic pink things that were inspired by the womb.” 

Her pretty in pink performance at Coachella included a few songs from her album Girl Talk, which she released last year, but Nash tells us that she’s already thinking about her next LP. 

"I think there's always pressure for the next one," she says, "but I think it comes more so at this point from myself." 

The way she elevates the stress of recording new music is by staying in tune with the arts. 

"You just have to keep finding things that inspire you," she says. "After two years of outputting, you need to input and soak it in. Now it’s time to watch bands, and listen to music, watch films, read books."

She adds the her main inspiration is coming from another female artist. "I’m really inspired by M.I.A. She’s my favorite artist at the moment."

Watch the the interview above.

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