April 27, 2014


Watch Lily Allen's "Drag Cover" of Beyonce's "Drunk in Love"

Not long after revealing hopes that her song "Sheezus" would produce a hot catchphrase like Beyonce's "Drunk in Love" did, Lily Allen paid tribute to Bey in a recent concert. Donning a blonde bob wig and black bikini reminiscent to the  "Drunk in Love" video, Allen lip synced to the single while offering Beyonce-esque hip swerving and booty poppin' at London club G-A-Y.

But apparently not everyone saw it as a fun cover. Some fans and outlets called out the British songbird for mocking Beyonce. "I never see Beyonce trying to down play another artist," a Twitter user wrote, prompting Allen to ask, "Why do you think I was playing down another artist, when, where? Show me."

Allen explained the situation in a series of tweets:

The "Our Time" singer is getting rather annoyed by the misunderstanding, telling the Huffington Post they will be "be hearing from her lawyer in the morning" for a "click bait" article with the title "Lily Allen Mocks Beyonce, Has A Bucket Of Water Thrown At Her During 'Drunk In Love.'"

To be fair to Allen, we highly doubt anyone who calls someone a "Queen" would openly mock them. Plus, the latter tweet that refers to her new song "Sheezus"—where she name checks Bey along with Katy PerryRihannaLady Gaga and Lorde—doesn't say anything bad about any of her peers, just mentions them all. No shade detected here, folks.

Watch more clips of the performance below.